Secure Tobacco Cabinets/Shutter Cabinets

Do you have tobacco or other theft-prone products that you want to display to your customers daytime and protect against theft at night? In which case, our display cabinets with shutter locking are a good option!

We currently manufacture the cabinets in two different sizes. Both the freestanding model (ST 680), which has been developed for placing on the floor behind the checkout line, and the countertop model (ST 440), which is also intended for placing behind the checkout line, but on top of a security cabinet (ST 480) or on a counter.

The cabinets do not have any burglary-resistance rating but they do provide a very high level of protection. The actual frame consists of 4 mm thick 100% steel sheet and we then use one of two different shutters, depending on the protection level wanted. As standard, we have a somewhat stronger one on the ST 440 cabinets than we put on the ST 680.

The shutter is motorised and locks with security cylinders with 2 matching keys on the side of the cabinet.

The ST 480 cabinet is a burglary-resistant rated cabinet complying with SS 3492 and is intended to stand under a ST 440 to protect whole cartons of cigarettes and other valuables. As standard, the ST 480 comes with key lock with 2 matching keys, but it can also be ordered with electronic code lock in order to be spared the key management.

ST 440 Shutter cabinet

A secure display cabinet for tobacco developed for placing on a counter behind the checkout line.

As standard, the cabinet does not have any fittings but it can be fitted with standard flat shelves or our pull-out display shelves for cigarette packs. For the maximum display, the cabinet can be fitted with 6 display shelves.

Ext. domensions: 1250*890*500 mm

Int. dimensions: 1100*870*460 mm

Rating: Theft-resistant

Weight: 140 kg


Price: SEK 19 900

ST 680 Shutter cabinet

A secure display cabinet for tobacco developed for placing freely on the floor, e.g. behind the checkout line.

As standard, the cabinet is fitted with 4 adjustable shelves and, as an accessory, there are, for example, display shelves for cigarette packs.

Ext. domensions: 1950*890*500 mm

Int. dimensions: 1700*870*460 mm

Rating: Theft-resistant

Weight: 250 kg


Price: SEK 22 900

Display shelf

A pull-out display shelf with 12 faces and pushers for cigarette packs. The shelves are easily fitted on to the shelf brackets that are fitted as standard in the ST 440 and ST 680.

Ext. domensions:

Int. dimensions:




Price: SEK 2 195

ST 480

Security cabinets developed to act as a lower cabinet, as well as a secure store in combination with the display cabinet, ST 440.

The security cabinet is burglary-resistant rated in compliance with SS 3492, class security cabinet, and is fitted as standard with key lock and 2 matching keys. Accessories include electronic code locks.


Ext. domensions: 916*900*582 mm

Int. dimensions: 908*892*497 mm

Rating: SS3492 Security cabinet

Weight: 180 kg


Price: SEK 12 900

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