Cabinet for confidential documents

Thin sheet metal drawing cabinets, series SR

Secura drawing cabinets for A1 and A0 are fitted with central locking, which locks all of the 6 pull-out drawers simultaneously. The drawers have robust steel expanders, give an easy pull-out and long service life. The drawers have 75-85% pull-out and are tested for more than 40,000 pull-outs with 30 kg load. Each drawer can be fitted for all standard formats down to A4.

The cabinets are available in light-grey or black.

As accessories, a 150 mm high leg stand and drawer dividers are available.



Model SR A0

Ext. domensions: 620*1400*950 (H*B*D)

Int. dimensions: 60*1298*870 (Lådmått H*B*D)




Price: SEK 11 950

Model SR A1

Ext. domensions: 620*1130*830 (H*B*D)

Int. dimensions: 60*1098*750 (Lådmått H*B*D)




Price: SEK 9 550

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