Are the environment, quality, function and flexibility important for you?

Then, you should choose Secura fire-resistant display cabinet SGS series for the best display and the greatest safety for flammable materials or our fire-rated filing cabinet SA series, when you want to protect documents from fire.

Secura Sweden AB is the only company presently manufacturing fire-rated filing and document cabinets in Sweden and Scandinavia! 10-15 years ago, there were many manufacturers here, but they have all chosen to move their production to low-cost countries, whilst, in 2006, we decided to invest in the building of a new ultramodern factory in Sweden instead.

The fact is, we believe it is important for the future that we invest in keeping the production here, in Sweden, and also to use, as large an extent as possible, local suppliers and partners. By operating the manufacturing here, in Sweden, we can guarantee our quality, maintain high flexibility with respect to you, our customer, and, at the same time, give you the confidence of knowing that the products you buy from us have not been transported longer distances than necessary. Moreover, the fact that they are made by staff with collective agreements and in compliance with the strict environmental and work environment requirements in Sweden, is also a unique advantage.

6 good reansons to choose Secura


Made in Sweden. Our new factory in Bollnäs, Sweden, provides us with the opportunities both to develop new products as well as to develop further and renew our existing ones. Moreover, we can quickly adapt our products for each specific need without affecting the delivery times. Naturally, this also means our filing cabinets and document cabinets are manufactured according to the regulations and laws that apply in Sweden regarding staff, environment, quality and so on.


Excellent experience of fire-rated storage. In the company, we have over 50 years' experience of developing, producing and marketing fire-rated cabinets. This experience permeates all of our operations, meaning you can always turn to us for advice and suggested solutions.


Lighter, more efficient. We have developed new, more effective, infills, which means we can make the walls thinner and, thus, reduce the weight. In addition, we have adjusted the internal dimensions to suit standard work materials, which also minimises the external dimensions. This results in a compact, light cabinet that can be placed near the user where the documents are processed instead of where there is enough space and where the floor withstands the weight.


Timeless design. The handles are the same colour as the cabinet. We do not use any edging, strips or other eye-catching decoration. The design is strictly elegant and subordinated to the rest of the office fittings. The highest quality powder coating in a light neutral colour (RAL 9002). Thanks to the proximity to Kesam (our paint supplier), we can deliver the cabinets we produce in most of the RAL colours without a large surcharge.


Practical door system. The cabinets can be placed directly next to each other, for example, to save space and increase the aesthetics. The design also makes it possible to reach all of the fittings with just a 90° door opening and you can open the doors completely around their own axis (258°) so the cabinet looks like a normal bookcase. Right or left hung door.


Flexible. All filing cabinets and document cabinets can be fitted to suit each user's wishes. Everything from standard shelves to pull-out suspension file frames, rails for different types of suspension files, lockable compartments, sorting frame, bookends, data media inserts etc. The fittings can be changed easily and it is easy to change the function as needed.