Secure Transport Cabinets

Do you need to transport valuable/theft-prone equipment safe and securely?  Then, our secure transport cabinets could be a good option for you!

The TS 01 was primarily developed for the secure transport of laptops and suchlike, but it can be used for all imaginable equipment needing protection during transport. The cabinet is made from 2 mm thick steel with overlapping doors and bolts top and bottom. The standard version is locked with a padlock/code lock, but we can offer other alternatives if needed.

The cabinet is easy to push around thanks to very strong transport wheels and handles on the side of the cabinet.

The dimensions are the same as a Europa pallet, i.e. 1200 mm long and 800 mm wide. The height including wheels is 1800 mm.


TS 01

Ext. domensions: 1800*1200*800 mm

Int. dimensions: 1500*1196*792 mm

Rating: Ingen

Weight: 190 kg


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