Analysis of needs and dimensioning

Which filing cabinet is the right one for you? We place great importance on our solution genuinely matching the requirements for function, availability and security set by our customers. For this reason, we are happy to visit you and help you on-site to go through your requirements and conditions. We then present a proposal that is completely suited to your needs.

If you do not have the knowledge about the industry, or the various ratings and solutions available, it is easy to make mistakes e.g. storing the wrong things in the cabinet or having the wrong protection the day the damage occurs. Because we are working with security, and we must protect ourselves on the day we suffer a burglary or, above all, a fire, it is absolutely crucial to have the right solution and storage when the day comes.

Archive and security seminar/courses

We can help with many different types of seminar and courses focusing on secure storage.

Why does a business need to have secure storage of documents? Which laws and regulations apply for the private and public sector respectively and why do they exist? How should a public document be handled and stored? What are the rules for medical records? Do schools need to protect paper against fire, and so on and so on. These are only a few of the questions we would be pleased to help you get to the bottom of.

Inventorying and registration of existing cabinets and archives.

We review all of your existing cabinets and register them. The aim is to obtain a comprehensive picture of your current cabinets, their rating and for what they can be used.

Usually, there are several filing cabinets in the business that may have been bought at different times and for different purposes. Document cabinet, suspension file cabinet, safe, safe deposit box, security cabinet, deposit cabinet, data media cabinet, filing cabinet, fire-rated, fireproof, fire insulated, fire resistant etc. All cabinets have their own purpose and it is absolutely crucial in the case of a fire or burglary that the right cabinet is used for the right objects. We have unique experience in the business, which means we have knowledge about must of the various cabinets that have been manufactured over the years, which may still be commercially available.


Development of customised solutions

Over the years, we have developed many customised solutions for secure storage. Because we have extensive experience of developing and producing fire and burglary-resistance rated cabinets and also have a large network of contacts in the industry, we can usually help to develop and produce or, alternatively, help find the solutions you demand.

On the right, you can see, for example, a secure transport cabinet that was developed for the safe transport of, for example, laptops and other theft-prone equipment as well as a secure shutter cabinet e.g. for tobacco displays.